Bittersweet Romance: a romance comic

Victor "Bald Eagles" Cayro has been working in the field of comix for several years. His work has been seen in various anthologies including, Kramers Ergot 6, Project Superior, Typhon, Rub The Blood, and several others… but he has yet to create his own stand alone comic. Until now…  

Over time, working endlessly hunched over thousands of drawings, his viscous humor and unabridged anger has melded with his visionary psychedelic imagery  into a hammer of visual might. Unafraid to trample the subjects most tip-toe around, Bald Eagles not only uses symbols, language, and images of pain, violence and ignorance but revels in these taboos… Pushing those whom read his work to react, think, respond…

I am very proud to say that Drippy Bone Books will be releasing Victor "Bald Eagles" Cayro's first ongoing comic series:


a romance comic like none ever seen before…

A visual feast akin to the masterworks of Robert Williams fucking Geoff Darrows headless corpse; but taken beyond that into swirling vast landscapes of visual language on the brink of breaking down… a story of fear and inferiority… love and hate…uncontrollable passion and anger…. Showing the worse parts of himself thru the veil of his characters he illuminates these thoughts in all of us.

So get fucking ready.

Hoping to capture Victors raw creativity, the series will include the margins of the page, which until now, the prior publishers of Victors work would remove. I see them as an extension of his page, creating rhythms and patterns that feed each page and the story as well.

below is an example.

fucking killer, right?

Bittersweet Romance #1
by Victor "Bald Eagles" Cayro
Full Color

cuming late Dec!!


sNuff said.

Bittersweet Romance: a romance comicBittersweet Romance: a romance comicBittersweet Romance: a romance comic
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